My Story

Personal photo of Nour holding her ferrero rocher nutella lava cupcakes

My name is Nour, and I am crazy in love with baking. I always knew I had a sweet tooth, but I never actually thought I would be good at baking until I got married and was forced in the kitchen :) Little did I know that in no time I would be glued to my kitchen and would need to be dragged out of it, that I would spend most of my free time reading cook books and food blogs as well as watching a ridiculous number of cooking shows. I could say that in my six years of practice in the kitchen, I have baked far more that the average person’s share in a lifetime.

Soon enough I realized I could not possibly bake all this and eat all of it too (my wardrobe would not be very happy), hence my wish to turn this passion into my very own little business, NourInTheKitchen. I customize desserts to satisfy every one of your cravings! Everything I do is made with love, using the best ingredients to ensure great quality & taste. I am a proud mom of two year old twin boys, who absolutely LOVE to join me in the kitchen and play around with all kinds of ingredients. 

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